Welcome to Tohdé Resource Center

“The goal of my center is to wage a war against ignorance, a war against abuse and a war against illiteracy because I believe when these three are put together, we will be able to wage an effective fight against the causes of teenage pregnancy in Liberia,” Pauline S. Kwabo in an article in the Liberian echo, may 2012.

Tohdé, means ‘mother of war’ in Grebo, one of Liberia’s local languages. The founder Pauline S. Kwabo  has choosen the name “Tohde resource center for Girls” in memory of her mother, who provided invaluable support to her when Pauline became pregnant as a eighteen year old.

Today also many mothers in Liberia live under the most difficult conditions. They are poor, get pregnant very early and need urgently help. Based on Paulines personal life experience it is the philosophy of the centre to meet the girls and women at eye level and listen carefully to their issues. We do not tell mothers how to live their life. We listen carefully to their issues and try to support them in identifying, strengthen and increasing their individual resources.

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